Why choose us?

Our point of difference is that we are able to harmlessly repel birds from areas where pest species have the most impact on businesses and residences. The Eagle Eye™ products are eco-friendly ‘flock reduction products and sold under our Eagle Eye™ trademark. Our product range encompasses proprietary devices such as the Eagle Eye, FlashFlag™, Pro-Peller, Odour-Guard, Sealant Wax, and sonic bird-control systems. Netting and stainless-steel spikes complement the range of products. Developing new products is part of our R&D strategy to successfully relocate many bird species from unwanted areas, without harming them.

Our products serve thousands of locations in South Africa and internationally. We supply a large variety of facilities, which include anything from private residences to holiday resorts, from farms to factories and from golf courses to yachts. We are also able to offer solutions to help combat the spread of avian flu, which has a significant impact the livelihood of many farmers and ultimately, on our economy.

We have expanded our global presence by establishing links with bird control companies in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.