FlashFlag (Only for use in the agriculture)


The Eagle Eye “FlashFlag” is a clever piece of innovation that will twist and turn in the wind in such a way that the reflections will give the impression of fire. It is also designed to make birds aware of danger in the vicinity and will eventually move away to a safer area and out of visual sight of the “FlashFlag”.

The "FlashFlag" is made out of an UV stabilized reflective sheet with a golden color on the one side and silver on the other side for LAND BIRDS. The MARINE BIRD unit is a red and gold color.

The two spectra plays an important role as birds see different spectra than humans.

The“FlashFlag” needs sun to work at it’s best. During cloudy days there will be a noticeable influx of birds but they will retreat as soon as the sun comes out again.

The bracket enables the “FlashFlag” to rotate in the wind, causing multi-directional flashes.

Proven to be very effective against Egyptian Geese, Hadeda Ibis, Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings and many more.


Various units:

 1) FlashFlag Silver & Gold with flat
     mounting bracket for Land Birds

FlashFlag Silver Flat Bracket

    2) FlashFlag Red & Gold with flat
    mounting bracket for Marine Birds

      FlashFlag Red Flat Bracket


3) FlashFlag Silver & Gold with 90 degree 
    mounting bracket for Land Birds

 FlashFlag gold corner bracket

     4) FlashFlag Red & Gold with 90 degree 
     mounting bracket for Marine Birds

     FlashFlag Red Corner Bracket

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FlashFlag installed