Bird Wire Track

Eagle Eye Bird Wire Track is an easy, effective, and aesthetically pleasing product to use, especially when multiple rows of bird wire are needed to protect ledges, parapets, beams, piping, etc. from perching birds.

Eagle Eye Bird Wire Track drastically reduces installation time as it requires less drilling into the installation surface than traditional bird wire posts.

This unit is designed for installation on flat, as well as slightly curved surfaces.

It is UV-stabilized and made from ABS plastic.



Bird Wire Track installed Photo


1) Cut the Bird Wire Track to the desired width.
2) Fasten the Track to the surface with screws. An adhesive may be added for extra installation durability.
3) Bird Wire Track should be spaced approx. 1m apart.
4) Simply clip a tension spring onto the top of the first row.
5) Fasten the wire to the spring by means of a copper ferrule.
6) Thread the wire through the opening of the second row and fasten it to the 3rd row using a copper ferrule.

7) Add a spring to the third row and repeat the process until the whole area is covered.