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“Odour Guard” is specially formulated to remove bad odours associated with bird droppings.
Birds are attracted to the smell of their own feces and are drawn to nesting/roosting sites that
smells like bird feces.

By removing the source of the smell and placing “Odour Guard” dishes in the surrounding area,
bad odours will be removed and the birds will be less attracted to the site.

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Remove all nests together with eggs and young birds.
Clean the entire area thoroughly by using “Clean Wall” cleaning chemical or any other antibacterial
cleaning chemical.
Place “Odour Guard” dishes 300mm apart to cover the entire area to be protected.
A strong menthol smell will fill the air and all bad odours will disappear.

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Odour Guard is also available in a tube for self-application. One tube will cover approximately 40 linear meters.
 Odour Guard application         


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