Optical Bird Wax


Eagle Eye Optical Bird Wax is another easy and effective way to deter birds from unwanted areas.
The wax contains natural beeswax and is non-toxic and biodegradable.
Optical Bird Wax is a visual deterrent that works by reflecting the UV light spectrum to disturb and deter birds.
Even if a bird comes in contact with the wax it will not harm the bird in any way as the wax is not tacky and will not stick to its feathers. 

The product will remain effective for up to 2 years outdoors and up to 5 years indoors.
The wax will be harder to apply in cold weather.
For easy application, place the tube in the sun for 15 minutes, or in hot water for 10 minutes.

Apply a thin line of Bird wax on the surface to be protected (2-3mm in diameter). 
Apply more than one line on broader surfaces or make a zig-zag pattern.

Not to be used in temperatures below 0°C or above 50°C

To remove the wax:
Scrape off the excess and wash with paraffin.

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