Bird Wire

Eagle Eye Bird Wire is an alternative to bird spikes when it comes to deterring pest birds from specific perching spots like window sills, roof peaks, balcony railings and roof beams.

Bird wire is one of the most aesthetically acceptable bird proofing strategies.

The system consists of anchor posts that can be glued, clamped or anchored to the surface. The stainless steel wire is fastened to the anchor post by means of a spring to achieve the required tension in the wire.

Bird wire can be installed in multiple rows according to the width of the perching surface.

 20161206 140307  Bird wire solar plant


The bird wire posts can be fastened to the surface by means of:
- Screws and wall plugs (concrete surfaces)
- Self drilling screws (metal surfaces)
- Clamps or cable ties (hand railings)
- Glue (solar panels/ waterproofed surfaces)

Bird wire on beams



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