Nightmare Sound System

A sound system for the control of roosting (sleeping) pigeons and bats.

Birds are sensitive to the sound made by the system and will choose to relocate to other areas. The time period required for relocation varies from 1 week to 1 month from installation, depending on the stubbornness of the birds and the sound setting chosen. After installation one should expect to see the birds leaving the area and then returning after a few days in the hope that the sound will stop. They may try to stick it out for a few more days but then slowly start to leave the area permanently. After a period of 1 month, up to 80% of the birds will be relocated.

A combination of high-frequency sound is used to irritate the birds.
A choice between five levels of sound is available and is controlled by a switch: 

  • Mode 1 – (Pigeons, Rodents and bats) This sound setting cannot be heard by human beings but will deter roosting pigeons, rodents and bats.  
  • Mode 2 – (Pigeons, rodents and bats) This setting may be heard by people with sensitive hearing abilities but is non-irritating to humans. This sound will re-locate roosting pigeons. 
  • Mode 3– Audible: Very effective to repel pigeons and smaller bird types like Starlings and Sparrows
  • Mode 4 – Audible: This setting will deter most bird types and also a wide range of wild animals. This sound is ideal to use in applications where people are not present such as in warehouses, hangers, inside ceilings, etc. This sound can also be used outdoors. The ideal application will be to use a time switch to switch the system off during times when people are around. This is very effective to relocate roosting and perching pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and most bird types.  
  • Mode 5 Audible – This setting varies in frequency and does not have a pattern that the birds can get used to. Ideal to use for roosting and nesting seabirds. Can be used with a timer to only switch on during night times when the birds come in to roost.  

The maximum range is 15-20 meters, but in a noisy environment, the maximum range may be reduced. The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use on balconies and inside warehouses and buildings where pigeons roost and nest.

 To prevent the birds from getting used to the sound, the sound frequency automatically changes.

As nesting birds will not leave the area, make sure that all nests with eggs and chicks are removed before the installation takes place.
The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use in combination with the Eagle Eye bird chaser.

Nightmare 4 Speaker Sound System Range

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