Eagle Eye Wind-Driven Units

Please note that the effectiveness of the Eagle Eye system can only be guaranteed if the placement locations and unit quantities are determined by an accredited Eagle Eye representative. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.


EE SG WD small  EE Red WD small



Our Wind-Driven Eagle Eye units now boast a double bearing system with a
reinforced housing to ensure optimal sensitivity and strength. 

These units are designed to be powered by the wind. No electricity needed. 

This should not be used in areas that are renowned for high winds, as well as
areas with no wind at all. 



The wind-driven Eagle Eye should be used in conjunction with motorized units for best results.

Various units available:

eagle eye bird control products

Red Wind Driven Kit for seabirds

eagle eye bird control products

Silver and Gold Wind Driven Kit for land birds


90 Degree angled mounting brackets are available for installations on roof peaks or on vertical corners.

Please let us know when placing your order if you would prefer one to the flat mounting bracket.

Plastic corner bracket

Additional Info

  • Product Maintenance:

    Maintenance is needed every 6 months.
    The Eagle Eye unit is covered with a metalized coating and will get dirty. It is recommended that the Eagle Eye unit must be cleaned with a glass/window cleaning soap every 4-6 months in normal conditions, and every 3 to 4 months near the coast or where there is a deposit of smoke or acid is in the air.
    If the Eagle Eye unit is standing still or is dirty, the "System" will not work.
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Eagle Eye Wind Driven unit installed