Product overviews

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver

Eagle Eye™ Unit

The Eagle Eye™ unit is a rotating, reflecting pyramid with irregularly angled, slanted sides for the reflection of light in various directions and is available either as a powered or wind-driven option. The Eagle Eye™ unit is unobtrusive and eco-friendly, and systems have been installed at project sites around the world to produce outstanding results. The system is completely harmless to birds and makes the birds move to other places by modifying their behaviour. Clients see an average decrease in bird presence of between 60% and80% within three months of an Eagle Eye installation.

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The FlashFlag™ is a wind-dependent device, designed for the Agriculture market, which has proven to be effective in deterring pigeons, crows, sparrows, geese, and seagulls.

The FlashFlag is a durable, UV-light-reflecting plastic flag with a gold spectrum on one side and a silver spectrum on the other, which is connected to a rotating bracket.

The specific silver- and gold-plated sides of the flag play an important role since birds perceive a completely different colour spectrum to humans. Birds perceive the sunlight reflected off the moving flag as flames and will vacate the area to move away from the danger.

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Flash Tape


Flash Tape SG

The Eagle Eye Flash Tape is an extremely effective bird repellent, designed for use in combination with Eagle Eye Pro-Pellers for agricultural applications. The reflection of the sun is effectively used to create a combination of silver and gold flashes that will repel most bird species including sparrows, finches, starlings, pigeons, and geese.

Ideal for protecting crops against bird damage, Flash Tape can be tied to branches, poles or even strung wires. For optimal results, use one-meter pieces and tie at regular intervals 5 – 10 meters apart, between Pro-Peller units. The silver tape is sold in rolls of 150 m with a material thickness of 25 microns, and the silver/gold tape is available in rolls of 150 m, at 50 microns thickness.

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PP with cap Silver

Pro-Peller Unit

The Pro-Peller was designed to provide a durable, cost effective, reflective unit to complement the Eagle Eye system. The unit rotates by means of its double-bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes. There are two colour variants, namely silver/gold for land birds and red for marine birds.

The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed. This ensures a low cost, low maintenance, and easy-to-install open-area bird deterrent device.

The Pro-Peller unit is intended for use in combination with the Eagle Eye system. The Eagle Eye units should be placed on the highest points of the building and near the problem areas. The Pro-Peller units are then placed every 30 m between the Eagle Eye units.

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Nightmare Sound System


Nightmare Sound System

Birds are sensitive to the specific sounds generated by the system and will choose to relocate to other areas. The length of time required for relocation varies from one week to one month after installation. This period is dependent on the stubbornness of the birds as well as the sound settings chosen. After installation, birds generally begin leaving the area and then returning after a few days in the hope that the sound will have stopped. They may well try and persist for a few more days but will then slowly start to leave the area permanently. After one month, up to 80% of the bird population will have left.

The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use in combination with the Eagle Eye™ bird chaser. The Eagle Eye™ unit, placed on top of the building, will chase away the perching birds during the day and the Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller will prevent roosting birds at night.

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Extreme Sound System


The new Extreme Sound System is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping bats, rodents and roosting / nesting pigeons away from unwanted areas. This system projects 130dB at a frequency range of between 16 000 Hz and 23 000 Hz and combined with variable sound waves, intruding pests will not get used to the sounds emitted. The removal of any visible nests is important.

The Extreme Sound System protects an unobstructed area of approximately 150 m2 in a fan shape, with a reach of about 10 – 15 min a 90-degree arc. The sound emitted cannot be heard by humans but is an irritation to pests.

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Odour Guard

Odour Guard small

Birds have a very sensitive sense of smell and Odour Guard is specially formulated to repel birds in an eco-friendly way. The product will also remove the bad odours associated with bird droppings.

Birds are attracted to the smell of their own faeces and are drawn to nesting / roosting sites that smell of bird faeces. By removing the source of the smell and placing Odour Guard dishes in the area, bad odours will be removed and the birds will be less attracted to the site.

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Sealant Wax

Wax applied

Sealant Wax is formulated to protect steel from corrosion. It is applied as a thin layer on top of metal beams and lip channels. Because this is a tacky product, birds do not like to perch and roost where the Sealant Wax has been applied. The product is made from bees’ wax and is safe to use on any surface. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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