Eagle Eye Placement Recommendations

Summary of basic guidelines to consider:

-Use the correct units for the specific species:
 Silver - Land Birds
 Red - Marine Birds

-Place the Eagle Eye as high as possible.

-Combine Eagle Eye installations with Pro-Peller units.

-Concentrate the units around the problem areas, but do not forget about the unaffected sides for approaching birds.

-Install Eagle Eye units on the highest points and on the corners at the problem areas.

-Also install Pro-Peller units and wind-driven Eagle Eye units on the unaffected corners.

-Wind driven Eagle Eye units may be used exclusively in areas with a regular breeze.

-Use maximum sunlight.

-Consider neighbours for irritation caused by the flashes.

-Use with other products in ‘High Pressure’ situations.

-Service the system every 3-4 months.


                                                                Placement examples:
Placement on houses:
Wind-driven Eagle Eye on the highest point
Pro-Peller units on corners and near the
problem areas.
      Small buildings (longest side = 30m)
      1 Eagle Eye on the highest point
      2 Pro-Pellers on the corners
                                               Medium buildings (longest side = 45m)
4     5
 2 Eagle Eye units on the highest points or alternative corners on flat roofs.
                              2 Pro-Peller units


Medium to large buildings (60m)
 4 Eagle Eye units on the corners
 4 Pro-Peller units between the Eagle Eyes
Large buildings (70m +)
    Eagle Eye units on the highest points, 1 unit
    every 60m and on corners.
    Pro-Peller units scattered every 30m

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