House Crow - Corvus splendens


The House Crow Omnivorous, an abundant bird that originates from Asia. An intelligent and quite aggressive bird. 

Forages on the ground and roosts communally in trees.


Habitat: Urban / Dense human settlements.



Nests in the fork of a tree, on buildings or telephone poles.

Clutch: 3-6 eggs



Bacterial diseases like cholera are caused by ectoparasites.

Uric acids in feces are highly corrosive:

Feces cause damage to waterproofing of roofs causing leaks; feces damage paintwork of automobiles with regular/long contact; feces also damage air conditioning units and solar panels.

Degrading the aesthetics of potentially neat and beautiful buildings.

May cause a health risk when HACP standards are not met by food processing companies as a result of birds entering factories and warehouses: bird droppings damage and infest raw materials, products in-process, and finished goods.

Very intelligent – well-known thieves of various items.



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