Mole Guard

Moles have a hyper-sensitive sense of smell whereby their food source is located.

Mole Guard contains natural herbs and plant material that they dislike and they will avoid the treated area.

Moles produce two types of tunnels in your yard:

One tunnel runs just below the surface and is referred to as a “Horizontal tunnel”.

These are feeding tunnels and appear as raised ridges running across your lawn. They are caused by “Creeping moles”. Their main food source is earthworms.

The second type of tunnels runs deeper and they are connected to enable the moles to unite their feeding tunnels with their nesting tunnels in a network.

It is the soil excavated from the tunnels that homeowners find on their lawns, piled up in heaps that resemble little sand dunes. This is the workmanship of so-called “Dune moles”.

Their main food sources are roots and other plant material

Horizontal tunnels: Inject small blobs of Mole Guard (1 cm long) directly into the tunnel every 1 meter.

Vertical tunnels: Remove the heap and find the opening of the tunnel.

Inject 2-3 cm of Mole Guard into the tunnel as deep as possible.

Do not collapse the tunnel for at least 15 minutes after treatment to allow the vapour to penetrate the entire tunnel.

They may start a fresh tunnel away from the treated area to avoid the smell. Continue treating the tunnels until they move away entirely.

Mole Guard should last up to 6 months.

Mole Guard is Bio-degradable and will not harm animals or plants.

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