International presence

Service to our clients is of the utmost importance, which is why we believe that the only successful way to penetrate a new market is to open our own offices with qualified and well-trained personnel. From these offices, Eagle Eye Bird Control distributes stock to other bird control companies and installers. Because of the uniqueness of the products, personal assistance is given to the client, as well as on-site training and help with installations.  

Negative experience has shown us that reliance on agents results in overpricing, incorrect installation and poor maintenance and servicing. These factors then lead to the misconception that our products are not effective and in turn, lead to warranty returns and repairs. This is often compounded by a high turnover of agents’ staff and a lack of comprehensive training. To preserve the reputation of our brand, we now prefer to set up our own offices and to put Service Level Agreements in place with any third-party suppliers.