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Eagle Eye, Pro-Peller, and Bird Breezer - When to use which?


Eagle Eye units:

The Eagle Eye unit is our flagship product as it produces the brightest flashes and has the biggest effective range. An Eagle Eye installed correctly without obstructions has a 30m effective radius.

The Eagle Eye serves as a perimeter defense against approaching birds. We usually install the Eagle Eye units on the highest points of the building as well as the corners.

Large buildings will need intermediate units installed along the perimeter of the roof approximately every 50-60 meters.

In most cases, it is essential to install complementing bird proofing products to close off roosting and nesting areas as the Eagle Eye is only effective during the daytime.

Food- and water sources must also be removed or closed in order for the Eagle Eye system to be effective.

Please note that it is essential to clean the units once every 3-4 months in order to maintain the reflectivity of the unit.

There are 3 different kits to choose from in each colour category:

1) Eagle Eye Solar Kit:


The Eagle Eye Solar Kit is powered by a very durable 12v motor which is connected to a 10watt solar panel.

The installation does not require any electricity and the unit will spin at a constant rate while the sun is shining.

Once the sun sets, the unit will stop rotating. This will prolong the lifespan of the unit as there is no need for the Eagle Eye to rotate when there is no sunshine.

2) Eagle Eye Mains Kit:


The Eagle Eye Mains Kit is powered by the same durable motor as in the Solar Kit, but the unit is connected to the mains power of the building.

The kit includes a 12v transformer.

3) Eagle Eye Wind-Driven Kit:


The Eagle Eye Wind-Driven Kit is a more affordable option if you live in areas with consistent breezy conditions.

The motor is replaced by a durable double-bearing system and the wind cups ensure that the slightest breeze will turn the unit.

Pro-Peller units:


The Pro-Peller has been designed to serve as an affordable complementing product to the Eagle Eye and not necessarily as a stand-alone solution.

The effective radius of the unit is approximately 15m.

The Pro-Peller is meant to be installed between two adjacent Eagle Eye units to further enhance the perimeter defense system

by adding even more variety to the flashing patterns and to cover blind-spots.

The Pro-Peller is also ideal to be installed along with 1 Eagle Eye unit on smaller buildings where 2 Eagle Eye units would have been overkill.

The Pro-Peller is also used successfully in agriculture to protect crops and is installed in combination with Bird Tape.

Bird Breezer units:


While the Eagle Eye and Pro-Peller units are used as open-area perimeter defense, the Bird Breezer is used to protect very specific landing spots.

The unit does not emit flashes but is rather a highly visible MOTION deterrent.

The bearing system and wind-cups provide high wind-sensitivity and the cups will rotate in the slightest of breeze.

It is this rotating movement that prevents birds from landing nearby.

The unit has an effective radius of 2-3 meters and is ideal to use on:


Parapet sections


Balcony railings

HVAC units

Flat roofing where birds perch

Solar panel installations

Roof peak sections

Security camera posts

Light posts


Placement Examples:

Install the Eagle Eye- and Pro-Peller units on the highest points and around the perimeter of the building.

Install Bird Breezer units to protect specific popular landing areas.

Always install Bird Proofing products at roosting and nesting areas.

Please do not install Eagle Eye- and Pro-Peller units where the flashes will irritate others. Rather use Bird Breezer units in these areas.



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