Bird comb 2

Bird comb is used to close entry points under roofing into your ceiling.

Starlings are one of the main culprits in this case, as they like to breed inside ceilings, causing lice infestation.

Bird Comb is a flexible plastic comb-like bird proofing product. The "teeth" firmly nestles into the openings, preventing the birds from entering.

This is an effective and low visibility bird proofing strategy.


Bird Comb


Eagle Eye Optical Bird Wax is another easy and effective way to deter birds from unwanted areas.
The wax contains natural beeswax and is non-toxic and biodegradable.
Optical Bird Wax is a visual deterrent that works by reflecting the UV light spectrum to disturb and deter birds. 

The product will remain effective for up to 2 years outdoors and up to 5 years indoors.
The wax will be harder to apply in cold weather.
For easy application, place the tube in the sun for 15 minutes, or in hot water for 10 minutes.

Apply a thin line of Bird wax on the surface to be protected (2-3mm in diameter). 
Apply more than one line on broader surfaces or make a zig-zag pattern.

Not to be used in temperatures below 0°C or above 50°C

To remove the wax:
Scrape off the excess and wash with paraffin.

There are many forms of bird control, ever since the first person had to re-patch their damaged roof and clean up the bird mess, minds have been at work to devise the best 'mouse' trap.
Not to say that trapping pest birds is the right option, as this is very hands on, but to have a system that offers the best pest bird deterrent service possible. Obviously, at Eagle Eye Bird Control, we believe that we have just the right range of bird control solutions and can even help with pest bats and rodents.
We talk about a pest bird infestation but it is rather man’s invasion into the natural habitats that caused the problems in the first place. But, since we can’t get in the way of progress so have to adapt our methods to keep pest species at bay.

So why does the bird control method need to be eco-friendly?

In most cases, the pest species is endemic to the area and certain circumstances have given the species and advantage over its natural predators and natural obstacles.  So we are not dealing with an alien invader but rather a local explosion, making culling unfeasible.
Take the pigeon for instance or even the crow, both used to roost in a bush and be accessible to their natural predators (snakes, badgers, cats, owls and other birds of prey). But, telephone posts and buildings provide safety from land-based predators and urbanisation has reduced the rest of the competition and limitations while providing an abundance of food.

Using eco-friendly bird control keeps pest birds away from buildings and easy food sources forces them to relocate and struggle. Enough Eagle Eye Bird Control systems in place over a geographic region and suddenly we have effectively created an environmental limitation making the propagation for the pest bird species just that little bit tougher. While not as effective as an abundance of natural predators, our bird control systems are doing their bit to keep the pest species numbers down and provide peace of mind for our clients.

While you are hard at work saving for the next holiday, who is watching over your holiday home?
It is unfortunate that a holiday home is only used a small proportion of the year, leaving it empty and unattended. While pest birds are quite prepared to invade an occupied space, there is generally no deterrent that will disturb a pest bird from making a permanent home in your part-time one.  Left undisturbed and unnoticed for a long period of time a pest bird can cause all sorts of damage. Leaving you to clean up the mess and spend your holiday money on repairs, which will put a real dampener on the holiday spirit.

Letting the property out for holidays and weekends when you are unable to go yourself?
Having temporary guests staying will not stop the advance of a pest invasion. The guests may notice that you have developed a pest problem but their presence will not deter the invaders. They also may not complain and bring the pest bird problem to your attention, leaving you to find out the extent of your problem next time you visit on your holiday. If fact, having a popular holiday home, especially self-catering, may make the pest bird problem worse. As visitors leave they leave their rubbish in the bin, or just outside for the municipality to collect, which maybe if a few days’ time. In the time taken for the exit cleaner to come or the rubbish to be collected there is a horde of tempting leftovers and tempting morsels that will lure the pest birds to your holiday home. Done often enough and a pest bird will favour your holiday home for its roosting spot.

Put a guard on your holiday home to make sure the pest birds are keeps at bay so you can enjoy a pest bird free holiday. A combination of our Eagle Eye UnitsSound Units and Bird Breezers will keep your property pest bird free while you are away.

Get in touch to find out more about for your holiday home.

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Mayday, Mayday... Bird Strike!

This has to be one of the most dangerous and frightening things to happen to you when you are flying on a plane, well… other than engine failure, pilot error, extreme weather, terrorist attacks, food poisoning, deep vein thrombosis…

Eagle Eye Bird Control has been contracted on many occasions to make airport landing strips safe from pest birds, reducing the risk of bird strikes for planes landing and taking off.  That being said we haven’t got to all the airfields yet and there remains the risk of planes in flight being hit by a stray bird.

Here are some news articles of bird-wrought-plane-carnage just to put your mind at unease for the next air trip.


Incredibly, a bird strike caused this damage:

Posted by Get Surrey on Monday, March 14, 2016


The heavier the bird, the worse the damage.

Posted by GrindTV on Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Bird Alert!

Posted by RT on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


An EgyptAir flight heading into Heathrow from Cairo was struck by a bird, leaving the passenger plane nose severely damaged with bloodstains. #EgyptAir

Posted by International Business Times UK on Monday, March 14, 2016

You may not have a bird control problem, where the pest birds are actively roosting around or in your home or business premises. But you can still have pest infestation problem. This is why general pest control services include bird control in their pest control arsenal.

It is lovely to have avian visitors to our gardens, especially when the visitor is of a rare or pretty species. Watching the birds splash in the bird bath, feed from the bird feeder and twitter away is soothing for the soul. With the right garden furniture, shading and weather, an afternoon spent with the birds can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. That being said there tends to be more pest birds than acceptable bird species spending time on our properties.
This is due in part to there being less natural predators to keep the pest bird species under control. Without the natural balance in place, the pest birds gain an unfair advantage by being infinitely more adaptable than their natural predators and the pest bird species numbers have exploded as a result.

With the birds come hordes of other pests – lice, flees, mites, ticks and bacteria. These pests are dislodged close to us by the birds as they perch, roost, preen, poop, etc. on our properties. These dislodged pests are unlikely to hang around for the next flight out of your yard, they are going to look for some local hosts. Ever wondered where the family pet keeps getting their ticks and flees from? Your kids are also likely targets as hosts if they like to play outside.
A house with birds roosting in the attic can quickly become infested with flees and mites as these pests find their way into the living areas.
Eagle Eye Bird Control is a non-lethal means of deterring pest birds from properties. Less pest birds means less other associated pest problems.

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