There is a catch 22 situation when it comes to some bird proofing - the bird poop and general mess and destruction of a bird infestation is unsightly but the pest control solution can be equally visually unappealing.

In most cases the eradication of pest birds is worth putting up with a few extra fixtures and fittings, but the end result very much depends on the person who installed the systems.

In South Africa we are used seeing netting, wire and spikes surrounding buildings, but bird control doesn't have to be ugly.

Get a professional bird proofing expert

Use a proper bird proofing expert to install your bird control. This will stop your balcony looking like Vlad the Impaler got hold of the bird spikes.

The right balance of bird proofing can keep the birds at bay, without marring the look of your building.
Eagle Eye Bird Control has developed an extensive range of bird proofing solutions so depending on your needs and pest bird situation, we will have the right combination for your needs.
For example, if you don’t like the look of bird spikes for your balcony, our bird wire is a more discreet solution.
For indoor areas that accidently allow access to birds, such as lofts, shopping centers, restaurants try the Sealant Wax.
The wax is non-toxic and is designed to discourage birds from landing on specific areas, such as overhead beams. Perfect for areas where you don’t want any visible bird proofing products.
Likewise, the Galvanized Mesh Wire can be used to prevent birds gaining access to unwanted areas such as chimneys, ventilation shafts and solar panel installations without being obvious or unsightly.
The same applies to the application of our bird netting as it is almost invisible being composed of very thin, ultra-strong strands of polyethylene twine.

We are here to help you get the best bird proofing solution. Contact us for more information.

Solar panel installations are getting more popular by the day.
The shelter provided by the solar panels is also very popular amongst various bird species.
This leads to large amounts of droppings, lice, nesting material, etc. to collect on the site.
The droppings on the solar panels will also reduce the efficiency of the solar panel output.
Eagle Eye Bird Control has various products to prevent this from happening:


1) Open area bird control: 
Installing Eagle Eye and Pro-Peller units have proven successful in reducing the infestation of birds around the installation.
Solar EE  Solar PP 


2) Bird proofing products

Bird wire:
Bird wire posts are either glued to the solar panel frame or fastened into existing holes in the panels. This means that no penetration into the panel is needed.
The stainless steel wire running above the frame prevents birds from perching on angled solar panels.

Bird wire solar plant 

Galvanized mesh wire to prevent birds from roosting/nesting under the panels:
Galvanized mesh wire is the ideal solution to birds roosting and nesting under solar panel installations.
The anchor brackets are glued onto the panel frame, so no penetration is necessary.
There will be fewer birds perching on top of the solar panels during the day if they cannot roost and nest under the solar panels.
The height of the mesh wire can be adjusted according to the needs of each solar panel installation.
 Solar clips 4 Plastic mesh 1   


Stainless steel bird spikes:
Eagle Eye Bird Spikes are glued onto the frame of the solar panels. This prevents birds from perching on top of the panels.
Solar spikes













Effective bird control can be measured in the results – no more pest bird infestation when bird control systems are in place equals a bird damage free building and a happy client. Eco-friendly bird control is designed to be an affordable and effective means to deter pest birds from continuing to roost at a certain location. Given the wide bird control product range and different pest bird species, what is the best form of bird control?

Prevent birds from becoming a pest

We would naturally recommend putting bird control systems in place to prevent a pest bird infestation, rather than having to remove and deter birds from returning to an established roosting area. Pest birds are common to all areas and sectors, if you don’t have a pest bird problem now, it is almost certain that you will have one sooner or later. All it takes is for a few pest birds to take a liking to your building and decide to move in. This generally involves some sort of breaking and entering action, where the bird causes some damage to the building in an effort to gain access to the interior where it is nice and cosy. After that there will always be a mess to contend with – bird poop, feathers, nesting material, not to mention maintenance due to building, plant and installation damage. We recommend that the Eagle Eye units or Pro-Peller units paired with bird spikes, netting or bird wire are a good start for effective bird control. For an established bird infestation the nightmare or extreme sound system is a good addition to the above bird control systems.

What is the best bird control system

The nature of your bird control problem will determine the best combination of bird control solution to put into place to deter the pest birds from returning to your home, building, factory, farm, airport, etc. We have put together the most effective eco-friendly bird control systems for each species of pest bird. Choose your pest culprit below and we can help you with the placement and installation to ensure effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, long-term bird control.

Identify the pest bird:

Egyptian Geese
Cormorant 2
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Eagle Eye has developed an extensive range of pest bird control and bat control products. Our aim is not to exterminate pest birds, but rather to deter and prevent their access to your building, residence, factory or farm or premises.  

While lethal methods are prescribed as a solution, we have found that the relief is only temporary at best as new pest birds come to fill the vacuum. Pest birds are territorial and if a gap opens as a result of a culling, then it won’t be long before another group of pest birds come flocking in from an overcrowded area, with too many dominant birds, to roost in a less competitive area.

Non-Lethal Eco-Friendly Bird Control

As a result of this inefficient and distasteful means that requires a persistent system to keep culling pest birds, Eagle Eye developed a non-lethal, eco-friendly approach to keeping pest birds from roosting in urban and rural areas.
Depending on your current pest situation, Eagle Eye has a product or range of products to encourage pest birds and pest bats to seek alternative roosting sites. For example, when in the city or in a residential area all you have to do is look up to see Eagle Eye Bird Control in action. The flashing cones on the side of buildings and the top of roofs are not there to prevent airplanes from accidently crashing into a building, it is to deter birds from landing on the exterior of a building.  This is the first line of defense as when a pest bird is ‘persuaded’ not to land on a rooftop, they are not going to discover places to exploit for roosting. Further protection to keep pest birds our are our bird spikes or bird wire, mesh wire or bird netting, nightmare or extreme sound systems and the range of Reflector Units, Pro-Pellars and FlashFlags.


Whether it is to control pest birds for an airport, power station, farm, business, office block, warehouse and your residential home, we have the pest bird arsenal for long-term, non-lethal, eco-friendly pest bird control.

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Pigeon poo is not the most common dinner table conservation topic, as apart from being a little off-putting (or a complete conversation bomb) most people are blissfully unaware of the ramifications of having the stuff lying around on their properties.
Granted we are unlikely to have to step over mounds of pigeon poo during the course of our daily activities, as the birds aren’t given to mingling with the household inhabitants. But lurking in the back of our minds is the niggling worry of the current state of the area where you know the pest birds have chosen to stake out as their roosting area on your property. Like most subconscious worries they tend to bubble up to the surface once in a while, where they may be blurted out to the surprise and abject shock of the people in caught in close range of the impulsive share.

If you never really wanted to know but in the grip of morbid curiosity (prompted by the intermittent thump, squawk and scratching above the ceiling) you Googled pest bird infestation, health hazards of pest birds, etc. you would have learned the following:
They carry pests - pest birds are generally walking, flying carriers of all sorts of nasty bacteria, germs and mites, enough to put a smile on Pestilences’ face (Also Known As Plague, one of the mythical four horsemen of the apocalypse)
They are destroyers – The combined efforts of their corrosive poop, feathers and general scratching around sensitive machinery is the inevitable demise of air extractors, venting systems, air conditioners and anything sensitive to getting clogged or pecked and scratched.
They are widow makers – if their poop contaminates the food at a food processing factory there could be a lot of sick people in the fallout. Not to mention the health hazards and prime cause of sickness and allergies when their bacteria gets into the air ventilation of an office block.

So to put your mind at ease (at least about the likely state of the roosting area), here are a few pics of what the boys and girls at Eagle Eye Bird Control have found on their rounds…just so you know what's going on out of sight...


When it comes to pest birds they can only be ignored until a certain point, when you finally have to climb into the attic or onto the roof the see what is actually going on. It may be the constant scratching on the ceiling, the early birds squabbling on a weekend morning or a leaking roof that is the final straw. If it is on a business premises then the adverse health effects to the staff and risk of the pest birds damaging the merchandise or poisoning the food, would be of real concern.

You may be luck and the damage relatively minor, where a few patches will do the trick, but that won’t be the end of it.
Once pest birds have selected a roosting spot they are reluctant to be persuaded to relocate. Any patch up work will deter birds in the short term but a pest bird will persistently keep coming back to the same place. This will undoubtedly keep the handyman and hardware store in business as repeated work will have to be done to clear the birds and repair the damage. Added to this is your increasing irritation and time wasted cleaning up the bird mess.

Without any prevention in place, the end result will always be that the pest birds will repeatedly gain access. How long really just depends on the quality and extent of the repair work.
If you are going to be climbing ladders or paying someone to do so on your behalf, then some preventative installations would be a good idea to deter pest birds from undoing all the repair work.

Eagle Eye has a range of non-lethal pest bird control systems that will keep the birds off your premises.

Spring is here, so queue the fine weather and the outdoor entertaining.  But, the weather is not always guaranteed yet, so a fine weekend day must be grabbed and spontaneous plans made to get out in the open to celebrate the end of a cold and wet winter. But did the pest birds get there before you?
Spring means that they have already had time enough to get a jump start and propagate an entire new generation, which means more bird poop to go around. So as you head off to the outdoor entertainment area, ladened with snacks and beverages, there may be more of a mess out there than you anticipated.  This will be especially true if the outdoor entertainment area is on the balcony.
Birds are creatures of habit, choosing to roost in the same area, but a new generation has to discover their own roosting spot. Balcony’s make for fantastic resting places while birds take a rest, , take some time to reflect, digest some food and find a convenient place to “go to the toilet”, which won’t be far from where they are perched. If you are lucky they will turn and poop over the balcony (if you are in a flat this means that the neighbour below gets to clean up the mess).

So now the fine day has been marred by having to get out a scraper and hose the place down before the guests arrive (leaving them a choice of damp seats to select from). The floor also doesn’t have time to dry allowing the guests track mud in and out of the house. At the days end, upon reflection,  you have two choices –

1) start earlier to clean up the pest bird mess or
2) Install an aesthetically pleasing bird wire on the balcony railings to stop the pest birds from roosting there in the first place.


Contact Eagle Eye for more

Galvanized mesh wire provides a complete barrier against all birds to prevent them from entering unwanted areas.

We do installations on ventilation units, gutters, chimneys, solar panel installations and any other opening in building structures.

Galvanized mesh wire is a durable and impenetrable bird proofing solution.

Mesh 7  Mesh installed  Solar panel mesh