Site: Kwikspace Modular Factory

Problem birds: Feral Pigeons and Rock pigeons.

Contact person: Robbie Stroud


Testimony: Our factory became the home of hundreds of pigeons.

The Eagle Eye system comprising of Eagle Eye deflectors and Nightmare Sound Systems finally gave us the solution that we wanted.

We can gladly recommend the system for pigeons.


Site: Bokomo Foods – Malmesbury

Contact person: Theo Skipper


Testimony: Sparrows created a big problem for us in our finished goods warehouse.

In a food factory this is not allowed. After trying everything we ended up by installing 7 x Nightmare sound systems with great success.

I can recommend the Nightmare sound system to anyone that has a problem with sparrows.


The following are the early results from our Olive Trials with the Australian Olive growers association. They have a one hectare trial site in Canberra under siege from Starlings. Last year they lost 100% of the crop and they receive Australia wide news – “Who stole the Olives” was the headlines. Stolen at night with no tyre track, no machinery noise, etc – it was the birds!


This year, 2 Eagle Eyes (without lights) were installed very late (surprise, surprise!) with excellent result. They are only very young trees (as you can see in the background) and of numerous varieties.


We had great success late this season with strawberries, apples and stone fruit and are waiting on DPI (QLD government department) trials for flying foxes in tropical fruits. It looks like we are now good to go with a national marketing plan for the horticulture market. Our main distributor is excited as well.

Peter McCarthy


A colony of Sacred Ibis was removed very successfully with the Eagle Eye bird-scarers.

Contact Person: Wilhelm Landman.






Jacques Visser from Swaarmoed farm outside Ceres, South Africa:

“Die Eagle Eye’s het ons gehelp om ons voëlskade met 70% te verminder”

"The Eagle Eye helped us to reduce crop-damage by 70%"


Starlings and Pigeons Driven away by the Eagle Eyes



I just installed 6 EE on Warraber Is Water Storage Lagoon and it has been very successful where the seabirds are roosting..


Greg Cowan

Head Office

PO Box 4502

Robina TC Qld 4230






Bird control can be divided into three categories:

A) In some cases total exclusion is required. Food factories and warehouses where no birds are tolerated because of possible damage to property or product or because of health issues. This can only be achieved by using products such as bird netting, sound and an ongoing elimination program.




B) The second is partial exclusion. Sometimes there is a need to stop birds from landing and roosting on specific spots. Access to these spots can then be stopped by making use of products such as spikes, tension wire, shock tape or gel.




C) Thirdly, and in most cases, flock reduction is essential. The Eagle EyeTM is the perfect product to reduce bird pressure.                         

Eagle Eye is the only non-lethal product that can be used successfully in open areas. The Eagle Eye may be combined with the Nightmare Sound System to improve effectiveness.


EE met lig


Because of the increase in pest bird numbers, there is a big need to reduce and manage their population in our cities. We are here to help the authorities in their search for a solution. We can only achieve that by working together and supply a system that works and is maintained.

No effective bird control can be done without an on-going maintenance contract in place.

New Nightmare Sound System:
(SA Pat Application 2011/ 04051)

In pursuit of a perfect solution, we have been making ongoing changes and improvements to our Nightmare sound system.
We have finally succeeded in creating a sound pattern that not only repels pigeons, but is 100% successful in repelling sparrows!!
This is a worldwide breakthrough because most bird control experts have given up trying to repel sparrows from open areas such as warehouses and shopping centres.

The system is available in a 2 speaker and a 4 way speaker.



The 2 Speaker system is effective over a 400 m² area whilst the 4 way system can cover an area of 800 m².
The system uses a series of sound patterns that vary from very soft to loud and irritating.
The system has been tested over a period of 6 months on pigeons and sparrows, (both indoors and outdoors) and we are proud to announce that we have a 100% client satisfaction report!!
(All the testimonies are available on request should you require any.)
We have such confidence in this product that we offer a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied!!

What to expect:
Pigeons will take longer to react to the system than sparrows.
After 1 week, more than 80% of the sparrows will have left the area whilst pigeons can take up to 3 weeks to achieve a reduction of 80%.
You are invited to listen to the different sounds on the U-tube link on our website.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Best regards
John Kotzé snr.

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Eagle Eye Bird Control is your one-stop-shop for all your eco-friendly bird proofing and open-area bird control products.

We manufacture most of our products ourselves, ensuring the best possible quality and value for money.

Eagle Eye Bird Control has several installation teams to install and service our products and consultants are always available and willing to assist with determining the best possible solution for your pest-bird problem.

Eagle Eye Bird Control has solutions for a wide variety of applications including the Agricultural-, Residential-, Commercial-, Industrial- and Aviation sectors.

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