A boat represents freedom, the ability to step onboard and leave the cares of the world behind and seek new horizons and adventures, even if you're only heading out to do a spot of fishing on the lake. 

As most boats are only really used once in a while, they tend to be left unattended, except that is for the birds. Boats are a wonderful platform for birds to perch and roost on. Swing moorings are especially suited to birds as they are removed from daily human traffic but close to the main action of the harbour to keep a beady eye out for a quick snack. Moorings and jetties quickly become a regular hang out for Seagulls, Geese, Ducks, Cormorants and any waterbirds passing through resulting in a smelly mess. Not the thing you want filling your nostrils when you try to breathe in the fresh air as you stroll down to your boat.

Don’t let birds spoil your boat

Plans are made by those who are fortunate to own their own boats – all that seems to be required is to set the dates, pack the cooler box and pick from the many keen crew, friends, and relatives who want to go along too (this can be a long list)….Until you get there and notice that the boat left floating in the marina is covered with bird droppings. Let’s face it you are going to have a tough time convincing anyone that it is fine to do some sunbathing on the foredeck, let alone step on-board if the boat is a reeking bird toilet. 

This mess is a real killjoy and a planned outing will turn into some very hard labour as you end up spending your day off on your knees swabbing the decks. 

Bird Damage to Boats

Birds that roost on the boats will quickly become a menace, as they tend to favor the same spot, resulting in a concentration of bird droppings. The bird droppings are not just concentrated in relation to area, they are acidic that will corrode and damage boat fittings and waterproof seals.

Health Hazards of Marine Birds

 Like other pest birds, the droppings contain multiple types of bacteria, diseases, pathogens, and viruses (E. coli, Salmonella, Histoplasma). Their general living habitat is a petri dish for all manner of nasties that can get into the boats, contaminate the onboard water and food stores, causing sickness and disease.

Boat and marina surfaces covered in bird droppings will become a slipping hazard when the decking becomes wet.

So make sure that this doesn’t happen again next year!

What to do to keep your boat and marina bird free? Invest in an Eagle Eye Kit, or a few if the mooring is large and have the units installed to keep the birds off the jetty and boats. The red units have been specially designed with marine birds in mind. 

The Red Pro-PellarPro-Pellar kits are also a cost-effect means to keep pest birds away from the marina. 

For bird control on the boats, you can use the Flash Tape on masts, antennas, railings and other areas that the birds like to roost on.

The units and tape are not expensive but if you don’t want to pay for the units yourself, get the boat club to pick up the tab or get some fellow boat owners to chip in. They don’t have to be in the same boat as you but will be equally tired of scraping bird dropping off their boats!

As with all bird control measures, prevention is much better than the cure, so get your boat and mooring fitted with bird control before you have a pest problem.  We are happy to be of service so get in touch for expert advice and installation assistance.  Talk to an expert on +27 87 237 9600



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