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Health risks of bird infestation

Bird infestation can be a pest, no pun intended. Birds are cute from far but far from cute. They appear serene and tranquil when watching national geographic but that is as close as you’re willing to get and the extent of your admiration. Bird infestation can cause many health risks so perhaps it is preferred to watch documentaries than to personally invite them onto your property.

Have you ever heard of poultry and swallow bugs? Well, if you are struggling with bird infestation you are about to be formally introduced. Bugs meet the reader; reader meet the blood sucking insects that feed on humans if birds are not around. Just thinking about these bird mites has me itching everywhere as I suppress the urge to rub myself against any available surface because I can already feel them crawling up my spine. They are too small to be seen by the naked eye as they jump from an infested bird or their nests onto a human. The bites these vermin cause can be identified by small reddened bumps and intense itching. When these bites are scratched, they may become infected.Birds carry diseases such as Salmonella, E. coli, Yersinia, Listeria, Cryptococcus and Campylobacter. These can lead to food-borne illness so take note. Viruses such as Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and even some influenza viruses are said to be associated to birds as being potential carriers. Histoplasmosis, a pulmonary disease from fungi, thrives in soil contaminated with bird droppings. Other types of disease can also include parrot fever which happens when bird droppings dry and become airborne , this can also cause Cryptococcosis another airborne disease.

Birds and their accompanying droppings can be carriers of a multitude of diseases that can spread to humans. Not only can bird droppings carry diseases but in addition to this they can also be a liability as they can cause an unsafe environment that can result in dangerous accidents such as slipping and falling. It is also good to mention that bird infestation can potentially tarnish your brand image as it can be vile smelling and create a poor public image in regard to the tenants, customers, visitors and patrons perception. Bird infestation can also be expensive and really take a chunk out of your pocket as the maintenance and costs can be hefty when trying to repair the damage done by the acid found in bird droppings that erode buildings. Bird infestation can also violate The Food and Drug Administration. This can result in federal warnings and regulatory actions against a company after an inspection.

Consider hiring a professional such as a licensed pest control provider before removing bird droppings and install bird control products to prevent further accumulation of droppings.

Effective and harmless Bird Control Solutions

In order to prevent Bird infestation, that brings along its own set of problems such as diseases and viruses, you should enforce bird control solutions. At Eagle Eye we offer a wide range of eco friendly bird proofing methods that are harmless yet effective. However besides the effective bird control solutions it is advised that you adopt a bird management programme.

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