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Pest bird control problem? You may have to deal with bird mites too!

So you have a pest bird problem, whether you have realized it or not.

Top Tip:

if you have lots of nuisance birds stomping around on your roof then you have a pest bird problem. And if you have pest birds then you will have bird mites running around your home too.

This a because pest birds are very generous hosts and willingly share their bugs and germs to all and sundry, without having to be asked. And if these bugs are in your home they will certainly come to find you – Afterall isn’t it considered polite for new visitors to meet their hosts? Bird mites are not too fussy when it comes to hosts and will happily hang out with humans and not even miss their old feathered friends. They will find you at your weakest moment – when you are asleep. Bird mites are drawn to heat emitting warm bodies, they can sense your breathing and while you are sleeping you are more likely to let them get close to you…

If you realized the danger and installed Eagle Eye bird control on your roof to keep the pest birds off your property, you may still have some bird mites wondering around your home looking for a nice warm meal from their new host. Removing a pest bird infestation does not mean that a bird mite infestation is going to kick off, but given the right circumstances, your bed can start feeling a little crowded. There are professionals that will sort this out for you ASAP, but if you are the DIY sort then these methods have been offered to help you sleep bug-free when your bed is under siege.

Duct tape - the uses just keeps on growing

Wrap the duct tape sticky side out around the legs of your bed. The bird mites will get stuck to the glue trying to climb into bed with you.

Bed leg moats

Get some buckets or bowls and place the legs of your bed in each bucket. Fill the bowls with rubbing alcohol and sleep soundly to the tiny drowning noises (and fumes) surrounding you.

The ring of death

Surround your bed with a ring of Diatomaceous Earth that will kill any bugs that try to breach your beds' defenses (it is death by dehydration apparently, as the earth sticks to the bug and draws all the water out).

Keep your sheets white

All the above methods will not help against an aerial bird mite attack. Although, bird mites can’t fly they can crawl up walls and onto ceilings, where they can drop in on you, avoiding all of the beds’ booby traps. If your sheets are white you can check for nocturnal visitors as the mites will be easier to spot.

There are times when a spot of DIY is a good idea but in certain circumstances, some professional help goes a long way to sleeping peacefully at night. Eagle Eye bird control for keeping the pest birds from stomping around on your roof and ceiling. And if you are unlucky enough to find yourself attractive to a hoard of lonely bird mites, then a professional bug exterminator or some decent bug spray should do the trick.

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