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Bats Alert: Watch Out For These 8 Signs Of a Bat Infestation

Without a doubt, bats are beneficial to the environment. They help in controlling pests by feasting on them, and they propagate fruits and plants by spreading seeds and pollinating flowers. But unlike cats and dogs, bats are not typically the animals you want to invite in your home. These flying mammals carry diseases that may be dangerous to humans, and even to your pets.

Bats In The Attic

Bats usually follow the air current that passes through the attic or any cracks existing in the house. Once they get inside your property, they use the ceiling or the attic as their habitat. From the moment you notice bats flying out from your house, it is best to act immediately to remove them, preventing your home from becoming their home.

Signs of Bat Infestations

It is easy to get rid of one or two bats. But it is a different story when you can no longer count the bats living in your house; you already have a bat infestation that requires immediate bat removal. But how do you know that bats have already infested your home?

Here are eight signs that every homeowner should know.

1. Presence of bats

The presence of bats is a very evident sign. If you see bats flying towards the upper portion of your house every night, then it’s time to check the attic and do some general cleaning.

2. Bat droppings on various parts of the house

Bats don’t have a specific place to defecate. They can discharge their waste anywhere at any time of the day. They are most likely to defecate where they spend most of their time resting during the day and near their entry/exit point of your home. Other areas that you can find bat droppings are on your deck, windows, and porches.

3. Repeated droppings in the house

Seeing the bat droppings for the first time may not indicate that they are residing in your house. It could mean that a bat just flew around and did its “thing”. But if you notice that there are more droppings in other areas of the house on most days, then it may imply that bats are thriving in your house.

4. Squeak noises every night

Bats produce squeaking sounds at night; these noises can become annoying if they are too loud. While some people are unable to hear in this range, no one can remain oblivious to the scratching and bumping on the ceiling as the bats move around in the loft. If the most obvious signs are consistent, then it’s high time to hire professionals to remove the bats before the situation gets worse.

It is always difficult using conventional methods to eliminate bats once they have decided your home is suitable for roosting and have built their homes. By taking preventive measures at an earlier stage, you will be able to prevent bats from completely invading your home. See our Extreme & Nightmare Sound Systems for effective non-lethal bat infestation prevention.

5. Bats flying in and out of the house

If you have noticed that bats seem to fly back towards your house every single night, then it could mean that they are already nesting there.

6. Bad odor coming from the attic or ceiling

The bat's droppings produce a strong ammonia smell. If you don’t remove the waste immediately, the odor becomes more unbearable as the guano builds up. Areas, where the pungent odor tends to persist, are the attic and the ceiling. In cases when you smell a strange reek, check these areas right away and where you notice a guano buildup install the Eagle Eye Prevention units and clean the area once the bats have moved away.

7. Bats leaving at night

It is one of the most definite signs of an onset of a bad infestation. As we all know, bats prefer to hunt at night. Therefore, they spend their entire day sleeping and only leave their roosts at night. If you see a bat or bats flying from your house in the early evening, it is a clear indication that they have established a home in your premises.

8. Black or dark stains around the house

Bats are quite secretive, and they don’t like to use the main entrance like the door to avoid coming into contact with humans. They use other outlets that are around the house such as small openings and crevices. After a prolonged use, the gap becomes stained with a black resin from the bat's skin. So, if you see some stained holes in your house, do a thorough check-up to see if you will find other signs discussed above.

Final Points

It is recommended that you contact a professional bat removal company once you notice the above signs. This is important since the earlier you get rid of these animals, the safer and more peaceful it is to live in the house. Aside from that, ensure that you regularly check all areas of your property, including the garage and basements as they tend to live in these areas as well.

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