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Bird Scaring Devices and the lengths that people will go to in order to bird proof their property

When it comes to bird proofing people are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to keep those pesky birds from making a mess, damaging property and disturbing the peace. We can blissfully go through a day without noticing a problem but as soon as we focus on something it really begins to gnaw on the vitals. Like those pigeons making a racket outside the bedroom window far too early on a Saturday morning!

When you become aware of a problem then possible solutions begin to take shape but sometimes these ‘solutions’ are not all they are cracked up to be.

Chickens and swords
A friend was house sitting on a plot and had quite a raucous evening, as some do when they are supposed to be looking after another person’s prized possessions. Early the next day, through foggy dreams and music deafened ears, he heard a Rooster getting busy to greet the morning. The sun rise was a long way off which didn’t faze the bird at all, it appeared to be quite content to scratch at the roof, clear its’ throat and do a few trial runs, then the rooster finally got stuck into (as in persistent and loud crowing) the ritual of welcoming the day.
This was just too much for his poor girlfriend who in a very lady like way said “you better sort that bird out right now or I will make your life unbelievably miserable!” Galvanised by this motivating pep talk he sprang out of bed, steadied himself by the desk until gravity was once again restored and dashed out to face this inconsiderate fowl. There was much clapping of hands, waving arms and swearing loudly! Apparently the bird had a good self-image and remained on course with its morning ritual.
Incited by this lack of reaction and shouts from the bedroom of “hey you lightweight, what are you doing out there?” he ran back inside and looked around for a suitable bird scaring device which happened to be a pair of ceremonial swords hung over the fireplace. So as the sun came up it was greeted not by a well-practiced cock-a-doodle-doo but by a poor rooster being chased around the plot by a half-naked sword-wielding, foul-mouthed, red-eyed madman!

Bridges and Cannons
In Portland the Department of Transportation has set up air cannons to scare away birds that come to roost each year on the I-5 Bridge. This is fine for scaring birds but the residents must feel like they are living in a war zone. In fact the Department of Transportation has since scaled down on the amount of cannons placed on the bridge.

Hawks on a string
The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre is an open air venue for summer concerts, and nothing spoils the evening like a pack of sea-gulls patrolling the airspace waiting to strike and fly away with a claw full of hostage french fries or to drop a bomb! So a hawk named Bitchy was pressed into service to fly some counter defence manoeuvres above the concert grounds.

Foil hanging out to dry
A blogger writing about building a cabin in the wilderness noticed that when he hung wine box inner sacks on the line to dry out on a clothes line the birds stopped trying to steal his jerky (the bags were going to be used to insulate the cabin walls – a good way to excuse a heavy drinking habit!).

Clay goblins and fake cats
One lady makes clay goblins that are an attractive alternative for those who are a bit bored with garden gnomes and want to spice things up a bit. Interestingly birds are more drawn to the conventional gnome garden folk!
The fake cat is a flat bit of metal with a round face cut out, and then a colourful piece of plastic painted with cat eyes is hung in the hole so a breeze will make the face rotate. Must be more like walking through a horror story rather than an enchanted garden!

Spices, water and plastic toys (For those who like their pest control to be a high maintenance job)
Apparently birds are not big on spiced food (especially when it comes to themselves) so sprinkling some pepper where they roost keeps them from coming home to eat their dinner. The nest has to be kept well-seasoned so buy in bulk!

If you have a hose and plenty of patience another method is to keep a watch going and every time a bird looks like it fancies your house for its home, run out and spray water like mad in the air.

Rubber snakes, plastic birds of prey are sometimes used to make birds think twice about coming too close, but they have to be moved around a bit or the birds will figure out that this threat is plastic and hollow.

OR you can put your trust in Eagle Eye Bird Control to get the job done!


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