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We’re under attack!!!! Invasion of the spring birds

Coming This Spring. Don't let them get you too! Coming This Spring. Don't let them get you too!

While you are still wiling away the winter evenings snuggled under your favourite blankie, listening to the crackle of the fire and sipping on a glass of sherry to keep the cold at bay, the birds are drawing up secret plans of invasion for your home.

Before we concede defeat and finally admit in our wildest optimism that winter has passed and we are finally into spring (even if it is still cold!) – It’s already too late. Those crafty birds have already secured their prime positions on your real-estate. Holes, nooks and crannies have been exploited and construction on nests ended without incurring any late completion penalties.

So, while the birds are still in survival mode, huddled around a stolen fish dinner and the procreation instinct has not yet stirred and hot-wired their brains into a mating frenzy, it’s time to put a defensive plan into action.

Winter is a good time to take a walk around your premises and inspect it for possible weak spots such as storm damage and past nesting hot spots. If you have not been invaded by pest birds it is only a matter of time. The population is increasing and the volume of birds competing for prime roosting spots will force more birds to explore further afield and they will find you, wherever you are hiding! And once they have got their claws into your home, they will be very reluctant to relocate.

Birds are wary of predators and will naturally seek high nesting areas. Obvious places to start are attics, eaves, air-conditioning vents, outlet vents, chimneys (if you are not using your fire), under roof tiles, etc. Look for evidence of past nests and clear your property of any debris that could be used as likely nest building material. Remove all possible food sources as they will make your property more attractive than your neighbours. The best cure for pest bird control is prevention – The Eagle Eye units are exceptional at deterring birds from roosting. Install one now and beat the spring nesting rush!

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