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How to clean up after a bird infestation problem

OK let’s say that you HAD a bird infestation problem, and like most people/companies there was a lag-time between identifying the problem and rolling out the solution. So before the boys from Eagle Eye Bird Control arrived like the cavalry with their flashing units and nightmare sound systems, the birds have been getting comfortable…really comfortable...turning any flat space into roosting spots, setting up a designated area for the latrine (everywhere!) and passing around a bit of disease (as animals sharing close quarters tend to do).

Now that the birds have been scared away you’re left with the aftermath! Bird Droppings are not a pretty sight and need to be treated a bit like toxic waste, along with the obvious mess there are also Diseases and Bird Lice.

If you are now left scratching your head about how to tackle this hazard we have a few tips for you.

Take precautions and suit up

This may even help to get you in the mood! Put on protective goggles, mask, gloves and coveralls – all of which you can get from your local hardware store. Use a hard hat and a safety harness if you are scaling the heights. If you have a virus, cold or low immune system - do not tackle this yourself.

Wet it down

Cleaning dried bird faeces will stir up dust that can be inhaled and is more likely to infect you with a transmittable disease. Rather wet the area down and then use a shovel to scrape the waste away. If you decide to use a high power spay you should still wet the area gently first as this prevents the spray from creating dust. Also, be aware of your surroundings (people around or below if you are on a roof) as this method creates high-velocity splashes.

Bag it

This is where you really need those gloves and mask! Use heavy-duty bags and do not overfill them. Remember that you are dealing with wet waste that is heavy and a full bag will break - you don’t want to have to do this twice.

Dispose of it

Use a proper waste disposal service and don’t leave the bag/s where they may be broken or opened (dogs, gulls, rodents, humans, etc.)

Other nasties – Bird Lice

If Pigeons or Starlings have been nesting in your ceiling for two years or longer then you WILL have Bird Lice in your home. They are minute and not visible to the naked eye. You will detect them on a white cloth or light coloured surface. You will find them inside your home close to the nesting area. The lice will get into your clothes, hair and onto your body and you will itch.

The nest must be removed and the holes where they enter your home plugged. The whole area, inside the ceiling as well as the room below, must be sprayed and treated for lice. Your clothes must be washed in HOT water and ironed with a hot iron. Remember that the birds (and Lice) will return if you do not protect the area.

If you need any tips to get rid of birds and the resulting mess contact Eagle Eye Bird Control.

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