Airport Bird Management


The Eagle Eye Airport bird management system is a combination of visual products that deter birds from high priority areas such as runways and airport buildings.


Visual Products:

A combination of two visual products are used to scare the birds away: 

Eagle Eye bird reflector:

This product reflects a danger spectrum to birds and they will avoid the area where the Eagle Eye bird scarer is turning. It uses a 12-volt solar panel as a power source but wind-driven units are also available. 

Pro-Peller units:

The Pro-Peller is a clever piece of innovation that will turn in the wind in such a way that the reflections will give the impression of fire. It is also designed to make birds aware that there is danger in the vicinity and they will eventually move away to a safer area and out of visual sight of the Pro-Peller.

It is made out of a UV stabilized reflective wings with a golden color (spectrum) on the one side and silver (spectrum) on the other side. The two spectrums play an important role as birds see in different spectrums than humans. The Pro-Peller needs the sun to work at its best. During cloudy days there will be a noticeable influx of birds but they will retreat as soon as the sun comes out again.

Mounting instructions:

  1. Use a steel dropper or wooden pole that is approximately 1.8m - 2m high.
  2. Attach the post of the Eagle Eye or Pro-Peller to the dropper or wooden pole with a steel clamp.

With reference to ICAO Doc 9137-AN/898 Part 3 “Bird Control and Reduction”. I refer to chapter 8 “Dispersal Methods” and as to Sec. 8.3 “Visual Deterrents”, 8.3.1 c) “Lights”. Also Sec. 8.3.2, firstly, “The effectiveness of visual deterrents has been assessed primarily in terms of the reduction of damage to crops; however, the techniques may also work in an airport environment. Habituation is a problem with visual deterrents as well as with the auditory deterrents”.

“Transient birds are more likely to be scared by visual deterrents since the chance to habituate to these tactics does not arise. The problem remains with resident birds that are attracted to the airport by its permanent features. A combination of visual and auditory deterrents sometimes has increased effectiveness”.

The Eagle Eye system currently installed, works, as correctly mentioned, from sunlight reflection as was noted by the research documented. The difference to this is that no other specialized system has ever been researched as deeply as the Eagle Eye project. The prismatic shapes are a combination of 3 layers of metallic overlays that have been scientifically prepared to reflect not white but actually a frequency in the “blue visual range” that filters infrared and ultraviolet frequencies at a very narrow and optimum range from the sunlight and not just a reflection of white light. (Note the silvery domes for the lager bird species and yellow or golden colour for smaller bird species). A close investigation will show very differentiating angles that cover a more 3-dimensional area. Research into these wavelengths of light determined the interference within the visual cortex of the brain at these specific wavelengths that irritate the animal’s eye constantly and cause relocating from the area. This result will remain with a removal success rate of between 60 and 80 percent, depending on the location, species involved, amount of units installed in an area and so on. The animal will not habituate and return as the “interference remains an irritant”. This product was researched and developed over a 5 year period In South Africa and is the first of its kind in the world. Eagle Eye has over 1000 successful installations to its credit within a wide variety of environments. This is a first within the aviation sector.  

With regard to the second matter as to the “flashing strobe effect” and the safety concern. Please note that mostly during the day the reflections are focused downwards. Also, take note of the ambient reflections from motor vehicle windows that might be taken into consideration in this regard.

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