About Us

Eagle Eye Bird Control Trust was established by the Kotzé family in 2004 as a manufacturer and supplier of innovative and effective bird control systems. The quality of our products, our customer-driven service levels and our installation standards have made us the largest bird control company in the Southern Hemisphere.

But where did it all begin?

John Kotzé, co-owner of a reputable building cleaning business, was asked frequently by clients whether he could come up with a way to relocate unwanted birds from infested areas. This led John to start experimenting in 2004 with a rotating pyramid mirror device. When Chris, John’s brother, returned from a trip to Namibia where he had seen a game ranger place a mirror on the carcass of a buck to deter birds, whilst he left to fetch the veterinary surgeon to perform the post-mortem, the brothers were convinced that this idea had merit. John, Chris, and their brother Sidney tested their prototype for approximately 18 months and after a number of iterations, they were certain that they had the beginnings of an effective bird repellent device that could be used successfully to relocate unwanted birds.

The ‘Eagle Eye’ became the brand name and registered trademark when the brothers approached a consulting engineering company to further develop the product. Several unique features were integrated to enhance the effectiveness of the device. In addition to the Eagle Eye, other visual and sonic bird control products were developed to enhance the efficacy of the system. Developing new products is part of our R&D strategy to successfully relocate all kind of birds from unwanted areas without harming them.