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Bird damage is a persistent and severe problem for many farmers
The Eagle Eye product range is an open area bird control system that is being used very successfully in Agriculture and Horticulture.
Pest birds are irritated and driven away by light spectra reflected from the Eagle Eye system.
Birds don't become accustomed to the light as long as the devices are clean and maintained.


Wheat, grain, sunflowers, vegetables, fruit, rice, vineards etc. can now be protected with the Eagle Eye system.
To ensure effective functionality for the Eagle Eye, it is necessary to:
-Place the units in the correct area
-Position them high enough above the harvest
-Place the units in direct sunlight
-Ensure that the reflecting surfaces are kept clean


It is essential that the units are installed at least 3-4 weeks before the harvest is ripe enough to be attractive as food for the birds.
Losses from bird damage can be reduced by up to 60%.


The main weapons in our agriculture arsenal are the Pro-Peller and the FlashFlag units.
These units are wind-driven and more affordable for large areas.
They are also easy to install onto dropper posts or existing poles.

Other units like the Eagle Eye solar unit and the wind driven Eagle Eye can also be used to further improve results.

Pro-Peller unit

PP with cap Silver

        FlashFlag unit               

FlashFlag no bracket

               Flash Tape

Flash Tape silver

                                      Pro-Peller and FlashFlag placement in the agriculture:
                                     Option 1: Pro-Peller units and Flash Tape (most economical)

Agri placement with tape min






 Install a Pro-Peller unit on each corner of the area.

Also install 2 more Pro-Peller units as indicated.

Tie 1 meter of Flash Tape every 10 meters.

6 Pro-Peller units and 1 roll of Flash Tape will be needed for the first hectare.

4 Pro-Peller units and 1 roll Flash Tape will be needed for every adjacent hectare.

                                                                            Option 2: Pro-Peller units only Agri website PP only small

Install one Pro-Peller unit every 30 meters. 

16 units will be needed for the first hectare and 12 for every adjacent hectare.       


Option 3: Pro-Peller and FlashFlag units

Agri website 3d small

Install Pro-Peller and FlashFlag units 25 meters apart. 

8 Pro-Peller units and 17 FlashFlags for the first hectare and 6 Pro-Peller units and 14 FlashFlags for every adjacent hectare.